Go USA!!!

We are having a blast watching the Olympics this year. Even the boys are loving it and Colson leads in the chant, "Go U-S-A," repeat...! We're also getting a kick out of watching Colson jump up on the coffee table trying to mimic the gymnastic moves! :)
These are a few of our favs to watch...
I just fell in love with Michael the first time I watched him because when he was receiving his medal he was standing there so proud and smiling and you could see him mouth, " I'm looking for my mom!" as he scanned the crowd! He loves his Momma! So sweet! I immediately was proud!:)

Go USA! Gotta Love Phil Dalhausser! (Something about him reminds me of my brother-in-law) Phil Dalhausser - Dig And last but not least Ms. Natalie Coughlin! You go Cali girl!! Natalie Coughlin