three staples

Three Staples

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This is one brave little dude! As you can see he busted his chin open today while at Sears Portrait studio, getting Aven's 1 year pics. From what we can gather he was running back to the lobby and tripped on the carpet in his little "croc" shoes (which are notorious for that on carpet) and hit his chin on either the desk or the chair, busting wide open. I think I wanted to cry more than he did.:( A guy brought a first aid kit down, so we bandaged it up and headed straight for the Dr. Colson was so brave and didn't cry at all until the staples were all in and then he just couldn't hold it in anymore! He sobbed all the way to Wal-Mart, and then some, to get his fish.(for being so brave) So proud of my little man. He of course has been milking the attention.:)