A Great Week!

DSC04458.JPG Why? Well... Aven has been sleeping through the night since Sunday!!!!!!!!!! Thank God! And (drum roll please) Colson has been in "big boy" underwear since Tuesday!!!!!! (Pull-ups at night of course) We've had plenty of accidents but this is the longest he's ever gone before with the "potty" deal. Bob and I are willing to do whatever we can to avoid going backwards on this. (We'll be saving a big chunk of change every month!) Colson seems to have been ready for a while, he'd go back and forth with going potty. We've tried everything to entice him, reward him... you name it. He'd be doing great and then all the sudden wouldn't want anything to do with it. Well, this week we were low on pull-ups so I told him we had to wear the "big boy" underwear because we didn't have very many pull-ups left and I didn't have the money to buy anymore...I don't know if that was it, but something is working and he doesn't even want to put pull-ups on at night! So this has been a pretty monumental week at our house! We're so proud of our little "big" guys and plan on rewarding them for all their hard work.:)