colson's 3rd birthday!

Well, I truly cannot believe my baby is already 3! It's true, when you have little ones, the days are long but the years are short. We had fun at his "Big 3" party. Several of his friends turned out for bubbles, playing ball, pizza and yummy Elmo Cake! Colson is growing so fast and surprises me all of the time with new things he's doing and saying. He does excellent (has for a while now) on his ABC's, phonics, letter recognition and counting to 20. He's more educated on the names of animals than most people I know.(He LOVES animals) Lately, he's been having a blast just playing outside in the dirt, running in behind bushes, chasing the kitty....just being a boy. I love watching my boys play and have fun, raising boys is more fun than I even thought it would be! :)